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Your thoughts on songs from the, In the Madness, EP

This album was recorded by Grammy winning producer, Malcolm Burn (Iggy POP, John Mellancamp, Neville Brothers) Burn chose the songs after previewing a few hundred sketches/ideas/songs. In his words: this album will show: where you have

been; where you are now; and, where you are going. Jon Graboff, (Noel Gallagher from Oasis, Carrie Underwood) played on the album, and asked me: "what colour do you you want the album to be?" I replied: Rembrandt. Rembrandt is known for his strong contrasting light, that, seems to emanate from within. (the below photo was taken inside the M.E.T in Manhatten in front of the Master himself. I should tell you that the project was actually comprised of 12 songs in total. I decided to release the remaining 5 at a later date. Watch for them.

Please tell me your thoughts on any aspects of the work-lyrics, arrangements, recording, style, vibe, feel, instrumentation, how it/they make you feel, what do they conjure up, what you think songs are about, what type of film would they be good in,

whatever, etc. Please list which song/s you are critiquing. Thanks for taking the time to share. Kind regards, Mel

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