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In a world overwhelmed by overproduced, robotic drenched pop, The

Caught are a shining light, paving way for a brave new world of indie

rock. Thrashing walls of edgy guitars, raw vocals and an untamed energy that just keeps giving, the dynamic duo are currently preparing to launch onto the global music scene with their debut project incoming.

They pride themselves in providing a richly organic sound that’s free from bothersome effects — music made by real people for real people.

No journey is without it’s obstacles. Both core members of the band have had their fair share of setbacks on the road to indie stardom. Trev had to deal with bankruptcy and Mel had a life threatening illness. However, determined to pursue their musical endeavours, they travelled from their homes in Western Canada to New York for a month, and met up with the renowned  Grammy-winning producer, Malcolm Burn (Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp) The rest is musical history, as they proceeded to lock themselves away in Burns studio to record their debut album, “In the Madness”. The seven  track Ep showcases indie rock at it’s very best. No programmed wizardry dominating the session, but just a bunch of guys rocking out the way it should be —raw, intimate and oozing with originality. The Caught is a highly diverse project taking all the angst of life and infusing it into rugged rock sounds, as well as the gentler moments sung through anthemic hooks. Mel with his infectious melodies and immediate sounding vocals, paired with Trev a true guitar wizard bringing his fresh euphoria-dripped riffs to everything, the Ep is full of magic. The band's first project was recorded a few years earlier and put on hold due to personal reasons. During this time Mel went off on a solo project and Trev built an international design studio. Now that are back together again. Known for their electrifying performances, they have their sights set on touring with their latest album due out imminently.

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