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I’m Caught- Play List

Play List

Band: The Caught–one of the popular Indie rock bands brings you their latest Album: In the Madness-a collection of seven engaging Indie rock songs.

Indie Rock Playlist

Track One I’m Caught: The repetitive “I’m a victim of your love” is how most might feel in a relationship of unequal reciprocation, and hence the feeling of being caught. On the other hand, could this song be about a hypnotized lover caught by an overwhelming love? Check out the video and draw your own conclusions.

Track Two “Madness of Love” thunders as love grabs him “by the throat”

Track Three “You Don’t Know Me” expresses his angst for being taken for granted

Track Four “Out of Here” a grittier piece, aimed at those at the point of giving up, reminding them there is still hope.

Track Five “Desert of Lies” expresses that we have a choice to rise above the extremes of life, but firstly, we need to clean our glasses of perception, so we can find the still point within ourselves.

Track Six “Doesn’t Matter” a softer, lyrical piece, reminiscent of the softer Rolling Stones side in some intangible way- aptly saying everything will be okay.

Track Seven “Fly” is a beautiful ballad that brings about nostalgia about things as they were and hope of what they can be.

The entire album in all of its tracks has some of the most soulful lines. While the, "I’m Caught" chorus is stuck in my head - which I’ll probably be singing out for the next few days, my personal favorite would be “Fly” where the lead singer’s voice is best showcased. Not to mention how the words catch at your throat, reminding me of carefree young days laying on the ground staring at the skies.

If your taste is into good music and love songs that go beyond romance but to the essence of life, The Caught are the Indie Artists that belong on your playlist, on repeat.

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