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Trevor Fury guitar player for The Caught Indie Rock Band

In the madness Ep

"Indie Rock Artists, "The Caught”, are led by lead singer/songwriter Melvin Alan and guitar maestro Trev Fury. Their newest release “I’m “Caught” from January 2021 ventures into the moody side of emotions creating a mysterious landscape allowing listeners to reflect on their own personal love dramas.


Raw and clawing with feel and wonder, “I’m Caught” belongs on every playlist.


The title song, I’m Caught, resonates with mood and feel in line with their signature, soulful sound. It definitely would tie in with some of the best Indie rock songs as he calls out for his lover “lay back and let you do whatcha gonna do”


The Caught album, entitled, In the Madness, somehow gets under your skin in a kind of déjà vu- way invoking the sense and feeling that you’ve heard this captivating music before, yet, knowing you haven’t.

The song, Madness of Love, is an upbeat track that lends itself to modern dance. This much is true,


The Caught have something that would appeal to any Indie rock lover- a voice full of character and charm, well-executed musicianship, dynamic arrangements, cool guitar riffs, insightful lyrics and catchy choruses, The Caught seem to catch everyone in their unassuming spell.

Released in Jan 2021, soon after the band members had met some personal challenges, Mel with a life-threatening illness and Trev facing bankruptcy, the album proves their determination, focus and grit.


From western Canada, both members rose above their ordeals and championed their music careers forward by travelling all the way to New York to record with the renowned Grammy-winning producer, Malcolm Burn (Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp).


With the success of “I’m Caught” under their belts, the Indie rock duo have their goals set on touring with their album, and from what we can see, listeners don’t stand a chance of not falling under their spell.



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